Herd Sires

These are our herd sires! We only keep the best of the best bucks on our farm, since the bucks are the biggest part of your herd. Their genetics determine the quality of udder and conformation in their kids, which will be popping up all over the farm. We would never purchase a buck with bad genetics or major faults of any sort. We select bucks based on their conformation and genetics. Their dam must have a great udder, because he will likely pass this udder on to his daughters & granddaughters. There must be consistence in quality throughout the buck's pedigree.

  1. C3 Farms Rainman
    ADGA, AGS Registered Nigerian Dwarf Buck Sire: Little Tots Estate Agave *B Dam: Little Tots Estate CS Caramel
  2. HJ Farm B Lucky Man
    ADGA Registered Nigerian Dwarf Sire: Bayou Country No Boaz Dam: Creek Bottom Z Anne-Lise
  3. Olson Acres LVN Dylan *S *B
    Dylan (ADGA, AGS and NDGA registered) 22 3/4 inches tall - official measurement Dylan is a very promising young buck! He has great general appearance and dairy strength. He is very masculine with tons of WRINKLES! His dam is an AMAZING doe - SGCH/ARMCH/PGCH Lost Valley TB Dipp'n Dots 1*M *D 90 VEEE!!!!! She easily finished her championships in all three registries. She was also put of the 305 day milk test, and also placed in the top 10! This easily earned her SUPERIOR GENETICS (SG) and ADVANCED REGISTRY (AR)! She also did very well on LA, scoring a 90! Dylan's sire is PGCH Lost Valley JL Nairobi *S *B, who is an awesome buck. He only needs one more grand champion leg in ADGA to have his CH status. Miss Priss is bred to Dylan for Feb 2016. We are retaining his buck kid out of Miss Priss. Dylan's kids have looked great. They have been placing towards the front of the lineup in the show ring. ***Dylan's sire, Nairobi recently received a Linear Appraisal score of 87 Very Good!*** SIRE: PGCH *B Lost Valley JL Nairobi *S VVE 87 DAM: SGCH/ARMCH/PGCH Lost Valley TB Dipp'n Dots 1*M *D VEEE 90 2 x NDGA Grand Champion (one sanctioned, one unsanctioned) 3 x NDGA Reserve Grand Champion 1 x ADGA Reserve Grand Champion
  4. Helmstead Minis EF Man on Fire "Blaze" (ADGA, AGS, and NDGA registered)
    20 inches tall Jazz is bred to Blaze for Feb. 2016 kids. Sire: CH/MCH/ PGCH Kids Corral LL Fire Fame +S +B Dam: Pecan Hollow PSShatase (2x GCH, 1x Best Udder) 3X NDGA Grand Champion (1 more leg to be PGCH) 1X NDGA Reserve Grand Champion